Focusing on sustainability is not only good for the environment and good for the community in which we live, it just makes business sense.

The raw material for our industry is a byproduct of natural gas production, which if not used to make plastic resins would become part of the waste stream. Plastics, therefore, not only allow us to make use of this product, they give us the opportunity to use it many times over through the recycling process. The materials used in our industry are among the world's most readily recyclable in a way that is least damaging to the environment. When we recycle and reuse our product trim, we not only keep waste out of the refuse stream, we also reduce the cost of manufacturing.

When we recycle and reuse post-industrial and post-consumer materials, we lower our demand and cost for raw materials, as well as reducing shipping costs and transportation energy consumption.

In fact, many of the innovations we make in film formulations come from a desire to make the most efficient use of raw materials.

SFE supports NC GreenPower, a non-profit subsidiary of Advanced Energy Corporation. Funds through monthly contributions that are used to research environmental friendly renewable and reusable energy resources. SFE also purchases carbon offsets through a partnership between Duke Energy and NC GreenPower. These funds are used to purchase carbon offsets from programs and technologies that reduce or prevent carbon or greenhouse emissions.

View the NC GreenPower Annual Letter.

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