About Us

Sigma Plastics Group has grown into North America's largest privately held manufacturer of extruded polyethylene films and bags. Founded in 1978 with just one facility, today we offer more than forty (40) locations across the United States and Canada – each designed to serve and surpass our customers' expectations with our commitment to quality, innovation and expertise in flexible packaging with more than 2 billion pounds of resin throughput.

Our pledge to exceed standards means that Sigma uses only top-grade raw materials, hires only highly skilled, experienced employees and uses the most advanced manufacturing processes to meet the needs of our customers. We operate a dedicated research and development department to ensure we're on the cutting edge of the industry and to create high quality, proprietary blends unique to our diverse plastic products line. Our multiple locations and centralized invoicing and purchasing system allow us to operate with ultimate efficiency. Account information is at our fingertips, and our multiple manufacturing plants ensure timely delivery and fully stocked supply at a fraction of the time and shipping cost of our competitors.

We strive to be a responsible manufacturer and adhere to our

"Green for 3 Sustainability" (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle) Program for flexible packaging manufacturing at our facilities, reducing waste and choosing renewable resources when possible.

We're also proud to be a Certified Minority Owned Business that manufactures in the United States.

From order to fulfillment and every phase in between, you'll see how our customer commitment comes full circle. We look forward to being your source for polyethylene film and bags.