Creative Solution


In the retail food packaging business, graphics are the first differentiator of sales effectiveness. Better quality graphics translates into initial sales success. Our customer is a leader in printing high impact graphics on retail food packaging to make them stand out to consumers.

The second measure of sales effectiveness is the quality of the food. That means assuring the packaging preserves the food quality for the consumer. To help it deliver packaging for stand-up pouches to its food service customers, our customer turned to SFE. We created a film they could laminate to their PET packaging to seal in the high impact graphics while protecting the food and providing an improved hot tack and seal strength during the packaging process.


Our customer understands the needs retailers have for packaging that creates stand out products. In the food service segment of its business, that comes from dynamic graphics. Yet, graphics alone are not enough to sustain sales. The packaging has to protect the quality of the food to keep consumers returning when they go to their grocery store. It also has to allow the food packaging equipment to operate at peak efficiency. More efficient processing means more product available to sell to consumers.

Creating the Solution

After discussions with our customer, we both knew the ideal packaging would be a laminate using an outer layer of PET. We then worked on creating the inner layer. What they needed was a film that would:

  • work well as a laminate against the PET so graphics could be reverse printed and then sandwiched between the two film layers
  • provide an excellent moisture barrier
  • create a superior hot tack and seal during the packaging process

We formulated a polyethylene film that had the strength, sealability, and flexibility needed to deliver to the food packaging customer.

The result of our partnership was the delivery of a superior stand up pouch to the food packaging customer. That resulted in being able to operate the packaging line at peak efficiency and having more product available at retail outlets for sale.

SFE is certified by the NC Milk Sanitation Rating Authority as having attained the required milk sanitation compliance and enforcement rating. This certification is based on compliance with requirements of the USPHS / FDA Grade A Pasteurized Milk Ordinance. A sanitation rating of 90 or better is required in order to be certified by the Interstate Milk Shippers.

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