Creative Solution

Consumer Goods

By thinking about both the customer and the customer's customer, SFE delivers a superior film to a Fortune 500 consumer goods company for its toilet tissue wrapping that makes this product more appealing to retail consumers. Anticipating that this packaging could result in increased sales, we made adjustments to our manufacturing, warehousing and delivery processes to assure no down time in meeting their needs. The result is increased product sales.


The customer wanted to improve the consumer experience for its toilet tissue. Among the improvements it was looking for were improved visual appeal and "feel" of the packaging. In seeking a supplier, they give minority-owned businesses, like SFE, the opportunity to bid. Winning the bid, though, is based on demonstrating the ability to a deliver high quality product to work on the customer's equipment and to guarantee the availability of the product.

Creating the Solution

We knew to win the bid, we needed a product with softer feel, better strength, better clarity, and over all better performance. We heard the issues and the challenges.

We met with our customer's team to get the technical specifications of the machinery that would process the film. Our technical team knew that improved strength and clarity would not be issues. The challenge was to develop a film that would set us apart from other bidders.

One of our formulations produced a combination of a soft feel and a high gloss, elements that would enhance the consumer experience at the retail level. These would be the elements that set our formulations apart from the other bidders.

When the drop test was delivered to run on the customer's equipment, they saw what we had anticipated - not only was the touch right but the product graphics "popped" off the glossier film. At the retail level that would translate into increased consumer visibility and sales.

Having delivered a superior film, we addressed a concern any new customer might have - would a new supplier be able to assure product availability. Providing a superior product means nothing if it's not available to the customer. The customer needed assurances that we could deliver to its exacting schedules.

We were ready. Anticipating that the improved product could lead to increased sales, we retooled our manufacturing, warehousing and delivery processes to assure that product would be readily available. Our pressure test of these adjustments came following the hurricanes that struck the Gulf Coast, when delivery to our customer was unaffected.