Single Layer Films

Single layer films are our most cost-effective film packaging solutions. Whether the film is made from a single resin or by blending together several resins with specific properties, we can deliver a custom solution for your needs.

Due to technological advances in resin manufacturing and blending, single layer films can often deliver the solutions that previously were only available through multi-layer co-ex or laminated films. Whether your needs are driven by cost, product strength, flexibility, rigidity, ability to display high end graphics, or exterior finish, chances are we can configure a single layer film solution for you.

Because our solutions are custom-created to meet your needs, we can guarantee that the film we deliver will run smoothly on your equipment. That’s essential for you to deliver for your customer.

Our Films: Their Uses and Properties

Below are some of the single layer films we produce, along with their applications and properties.

Film Type Uses Properties
  • Bags (merchandise and textile)
  • Tape
  • Great flexibility and sealability
  • Decent moisture barrier
LLD/PE Blends

Regular Performance

  • Lamination sealant
  • General packaging

High Performance

  • Laminating films requiring high speed sealants
  • Films offering improved strength permitting reduced gauge
  • Great strength, flexibility, sealability and moisture barrier
Metallocene Blends
  • Point of purchase packaging
  • High speed sealants for lamination films
  • Puncture resistant packaging
  • Great clarity, sealability, strength
Heavy Duty Films
  • Agricultural products
  • Dry Goods
  • Coins
  • Great strength, puncture resistant